What is Network Security? | Different types of protection

What is network security ?

What is network security: Today’s every business or organization, irrespective of its size either it belongs to smaller or bigger industry or infrastructure, they all needs a certain level of network security solutions to protect it from the rapid growing of cyber threats in today’s nature of world. Today’s the various network architectures becomes complex … Read more

Difference between application software and system software


The main difference between application software and system software : As you all know one thing, software is a set/collection of instructions or programs that directs hardware system to run machine and to do specific tasks. It also operates computer to tell how to work. It includes computer programs, libraries, and related non-executable data, such … Read more

What is computer?

What is Computer

What is computer?  :- The computer generally meant computations done by a person. The word computer is derived from the Latin word “computare“, which means calculating or programmable machine. It cannot do anything without a program. In todays world the term almost generally refers to automated electronic machines. It is used mostly in all sectors … Read more