How to Make Your Computer Faster?

How to Make Your Computer Faster: This is a most common complaint of every PC users that their system get slow and someone suggests to add more RAM or buy a faster SSD but its required a high cost money. Before going towards this solution or give up your system, there are various things that you have to check it first and make sure your computer is running as efficiently as possible or not.

If you are feeling that your PC is running too slow and you can’t just work on it due to facing so many problems then it is a time to take some necessary steps to optimize your PC urgently and make it more faster with very less prone to performance and system issues. Just in few minutes learn How to Make Your Computer Faster.

Today’s  in this article post How to Make Your Computer Faster, we have mentioned the best easy steps and ways to Make Your Computer Faster without spending any more money and time. You will know about How to Make Your Computer Faster?, Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance and many more.

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How to Make Your Computer Faster?

Followings are most useful and popular steps or ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster:

Give it the Reboot

If your PC is acting very slow, first try to reboot it. A full reboot clears cobwebs in window’s brain and give it a fresh start. Do it everyday.

Free up space on your hard disk

You should always keep your hard disk of minimum 15% free. if you got a message like storage limit of your pc has reached 90% then you should take a necessary steps to remove unwanted applications, videos, music, photos. to doing it manually is a tedious job. you can do it more easily by using a duplicate file finder feature of Remo duplicate file remover.

Close Unused Tabs

If you are working  on a large project and have a million of tabs have opened, then then close these and make sure to restart your browser that can be most helpful for you. There is also an ability of browser to restore previous tabs after restart or compression.

Delete or Remove Unnecessary Files

All the temporary files which has used in an installation process, internet caches and cookies can include a large amount of space on your hard drive. You have to remove them by following these given steps:

For PC: Click on start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk cleanup

Prevent Unnecessary Programs From Starting

On starting your computer you will have to find so many other programs which will began to initialized. You have to make sure to avoid these programs to start on torn on computers by follow these following steps:

PC: Open Start menu and search for “msconfig” > Select Startup, which will show you a list of all the programs that run when you turn on your computer. Turn off any which you find unnecessary.

Delete Internet Browsing History

You have to clear your browsing history at any time or any indicated time period. Most of internet browsers have a history tab from there, you can select all of them clear it.

Use Activity Monitor to Check Memory

The activity monitor generally shows you which programs are taking up the most memory and using a large bit of your CPU (Central Processing Unit). You have to use it by considering these following steps:

PC: Open the Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Resource Monitor and check the CPU usage percentage, along with this also click the Applications tab to view which applications using the most memory. Delete and make sure that these applications only open when necessary.

Repair Disk Permissions

If you do not set a proper permissions of your disk. You have faced so many problems with your basic operations. We highly recommend you to change the hard drive permissions in every few months to avoid problems arises with your hard drive.

Change power plan

If your computer is running slow, the reason behind this may be your computer device is running on low performance. You change this power plan, definitely this can make your computer run faster. Follow these following steps to make change of your device power plan.

PC: Open Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Power Options. From there, you can choose power to optimize performance. Always prefer high performance to get high speed and performance of your computer. Be careful, there is a difficulty with this, it may require more energy.



Clean internal drive

If your internal storage is almost full, whether it is a hard drive or an SSD, that can slow down your device. You can do this by using following given steps:

For windows PC: In the Cortana search field, Type Disk Cleanup.

Wait for some instance to examines your drive by disk cleanup, then click  Clean up System Files button (This will take your administrator password to access) then wait for another examination. With this you can free up a lot of space and further uninstall programs which you no longer use.

disk cleanup

Turn off search indexing

Indexing allows to search your PC more quickly and boost speed by turning off indexing. To get the maximum benefit in Windows 10, you need to turn off indexing.

You can do this by follow these following given steps:

In the Cortana search field, Type Services and press Enter. Scroll down and goes to Windows Search in the list of service. Double-click on it, and from the screen which appears, click stop then reboot your device.


Upgrade Your System

Old hardware and software get outdated by time and performing slow in working speed. Adding new extra RAM is a good steps to increase the speed of your PC. Also updating the operating system can give you interesting results.

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